Mauro’s Kitchen

Mauro’s Kitchen is home to the famous Mauro’s Kitchen burritos. This is where the magic happens. This is where burritos of the most amazing taste are made. Send your taste buds on an adventure. With so many flavors to choose from, you can’t go wrong. Each one has a completely unique taste. If you crave breakfast burritos, we have potato & egg, with or without cheese, spicy or spicier. We also have a beef, egg with cheese in a green chili sauce. If your appetite runs to a lunch type burrito, we have your classics with fresh cooked beans, ground beef & cheese. Both of these burritos are available in either hot or mild both are delicious depending on your heat preference. One of our most popular is our chicken in a pork green chili cheese sauce. They all have a unique and delicious taste. Recipes are all made by the Mauro’s. With hard work and dedication we have perfected our burritos and cook them to perfection. With that homemade taste, you will find that these really are among the best burritos. Our burritos are carried in many Loaf N’ Jugs around the United States. Planning a party? Everybody loves a burrito. Not to mention ours!

Here, at Mauro’s Kitchen, we do not cut corners. Everything is handmade. We make sure that everything is going how it should and being made how it should be. There are no soy products in any part of our food. Everything is real food. Our food is cooked to satisfy. Customers are who we have in mind. You, your family and friends, us, our family and friends, is who we want to be able to enjoy a fantastic burrito. Anyone and everyone can enjoy a filling and mouth watering burrito. We watch everything closely and pay attention to the smallest details to ensure perfection. Not only that, we are always striving to make them even better. We will not ever stop improving what is already a great burrito. We love what we do and we love to see the smiles we bring. Nothing is better than biting into what may be the greatest delight. We have been making burritos for years and will never stop. This is our calling and we absolutely love it.

Try one for yourself and you will be instantly convinced that this is indeed a beautiful creation for the mouth. The taste, the smell, everything about it will be tantalizing. Just one taste is enough to happily ascend into burrito heaven. So come on down to your nearest Loaf N’ Jug. This will be the decision you are never able to regret. Good tasting and good for you, this is the “I want something to eat that is like home made but don’t feel like cooking” meal. With enough variety to satisfy your entire family, even picky kids, it is worry free. There is surely a great tasting burrito for everyone to happily enjoy.


Pueblo, Colorado Burritos, Let’s Bring Some Fun to the Mexican Food World.

Pueblo, Colorado Burritos, Let’s Bring Some Fun to the Mexican Food World. Enter for a Chance to Win a Twelve Pound Burrito in the Mauro’s Kitchens Contest on Facebook.

Mauro’s Kitchen, from Pueblo, Colorado, is holding a burrito contest. In this contest, you have a chance to win a massive twelve pound burrito, containing an amazing taste. Keep reading to learn more about this contest, the contest rules, and how to win the incredible prize.

This contest is being held until midnight MST August 5th  in Pueblo, Colorado. It is easy to enter and there are ways to enhance your chances of winning. You will also find a picture of the prize. With nothing to lose, enter to win a twelve pound burrito.

To enter, all you have to do is go to the Mauro’s Kitchen Facebook page and look for the post regarding the contest. Then, “like” the post to have your name put into the drawing. This is all you have to do to be a part of the contest for the massive burrito. If you win, your name will be posted on their Facebook page featuring a picture of you and your burrito. You will find the picture of the prize in the post. Who wouldn’t want to win that tasty looking burrito? Don’t forget, The contest will end midnight MST August 5th  so get your name into the drawing soon. To better your chances at winning, you can “share” the contest post to have your name put into the drawing again.

One of the popular things that their fans like to do is to smother the burritos in their green chili. This is what you need to really top off the prize burrito. They have perfected their style of Mexican food. So as you can see, winning this burrito is one amazing prize.

If you still need to enter, you can easily find the Mauro’s Kitchen Facebook page by clicking the link below.

Pueblo Colorado Burrito Contest. Click Here to enter!

Colorado Mexican Restaurant

Colorado Mexican Restaurant

Though Mexican style restaurants are not hard to come by in Pueblo, Colorado, Mauro’s Kitchen is one of the best suppliers of Mexican style food. Mauro’s Kitchen is not a restaurant per se but it has always been a dream of Ted and Rebekah Mauro (the founders of Mauro’s Kitchen) to open a successful Mexican style restaurant. Mauro’s Kitchen supplies many of  Pueblo, Colorado’s favorites such as burritos, tamales, pork green chili, and more.

Wikipedia says many colorado mexican resteraunts have the same Italian, Mexican, and American culture and make a lot of the same dishes, but the way each restaurant makes it is completely different. You will find that Mauro’s Kitchen does this as well. Here, we have our own recipes for almost everything.

“Mauro’s Kitchen started selling burritos in June of 2002 and has come a long way ever since. While they were making Pueblo, Colorado’s favorites, they noticed their burritos were selling too fast and they couldn’t keep up with the great demand. They began the search for a commercial kitchen that would produce their food with their recipes just as they did. Finally, they found a USDA approved plant that could do this. Now they can sell their products wholesale to restaurants and stores. They also sell their burritos retail to customers who want catering done at their business meetings or employee functions as well as customers who want our food brought directly to their home.” Mauro’s Story -Cheyenne

Some of Pueblo, Colorado’s favorites were being made by Mauro’s Kitchen. They made tasty tamales, perfect pizza, beautiful burritos, cheery cheeseburgers, popular pork green chili, incredible Italian sausage, and more. The tamales were made with an original blend of spices that would make anyone’s mouth water. The Mauro’s Kitchen burritos have special tortillas for a great homemade taste and these can be purchased in Loaf N’ Jug convenience stores. The cheeseburgers can be delightfully transformed into a Slopper by smothering the cheeseburger with Mauro’s Kitchen pork green chili. Our pork green chili is one of our favorites and we have perfected our recipe. The Italian sausage, still in production, is made with a special blend of spices.